Online component FAQ

Is there a manual for the online components?

Once you are logged into the online component for either Part A or B, in the upper right corner will be a link for "MATERIALS". An outline for the component, the appropriate sections of the course manual, and the Case Study are provided. Download and save to your desktop to review as needed, or you may opt to print the documents. The entire course manual will be provided to you at the live course.


How long will it take me to complete the course?

Each of the online components should take approximately seven hours to complete. This time includes not only watching the content and videos, but reviewing before and after each quiz, and also the review of the entire component following the final test completion before attending the live course.


Why are some of the modules locked?

The course curriculum is progressive, so you must watch each slide in the order we present it, including the audio track. You must also watch all of the instructional videos before moving forward. Once you have reviewed a slide, you can go backwards. Once you complete a section quiz, the next module will be unlocked. The final test is "open book", so once the modules are unlocked you can go back at anytime and review.


If you do not pass the final test can you retake it immediately?

You must retake and pass the test to be eligible to attend the live three day course. You are welcome to retake the test anytime up to seven (7) days before the live course start date. Remember, as it is considered an "open book" test, you can toggle back and forth between the test window and the course content window to review sections as you are completing the test.


Are the answers to the final tests in the manual?

All the answers to the test questions can be found in your review of the online course, answers can also be found in the manual sections provided to you. After completing each quiz at the end of a module, we will indicate what questions you missed and where in the course you can find the answers. Take time to review those missed questions. You must pass the final test to attend the live course


What are the system requirements for your online courses?

The following are the baseline system requirements to take our online courses.

  • A web browser version released in the past three years with cookies enabled
  • Javascript pop-up windows allowed
  • Adobe Acrobat PDF Viewer

    You can check if your current system has all the above by clicking here - please note, opens in a new window at (US site) and will check the four necessary components. When you reach the Case Demo page successfully, please close that window and proceed to course registration.