About Us

The McKenzie Institute of Southern Africa was formally established in 2019 by Ian Grey after having acted as course organiser for the McKenzie Institute International in South Africa. Courses in MDT have been running in South Africa for more than ten years prior to this date and the number of Credentialed Clinicians slowly grew from six in 2011 to thirty in 2019 spread over multiple provinces and across borders into Namibia.

During the last few years Ian’s business partners in GRB Physiotherapists also played a major supporting role in establishing interest in MDT and in providing opportunities for clinicians to attend courses. GRB Physiotherapists also opened it’s doors for the Institute to be administered from it’s offices in order to provide support for the growing organisation.

A working Committee was established from active Credentialed Clinicians with the idea of providing courses to other Southern African countries and supporting Credentialed Clinicians in these areas.   

The McKenzie Institute of Southern Africa was established as a Non-Profit Organisation in South Africa and is administered by Zané Grey.

Our People

Ian Grey

Chairperson / Faculty

BPhysT, Dip. MDT

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Joanne Bezuidenhoudt

Committee Member

BSc Physio

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Zané Grey

Branch Administrator / Course Organiser

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