The McKenzie Method® of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy® (MDT) is an approach for the management of spinal and extremity problems. It consists of a reliable and research proven process for the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, which encourages active patient involvement and participation in the management of their complaint.  The McKenzie Method® is one of the most recognised philosophies of treatment for musculoskeletal complaints in the world. The management strategy recognises the biopsychosocial nature of musculoskeletal complaints and encourages effective patient management.

The MDT assessment can accurately determine a mechanical diagnosis and a subsequent treatment plan that matches this diagnosis. By understanding the mechanical behaviour of the presenting complaint the clinician is able to formulate a treatment strategy that is logical, easy to implement and has a predictable effect on the patient’s symptoms. It allows the clinician to quickly recognise which patients can benefit from treatment, thus reducing the need for expensive and time consuming radiological tests. The assessment process also allows for the identification of ‘non-mechanical’ presentations that may require further investigation or alternative management strategies.

The McKenzie Method® provides clinicians with:

  • a reliable, logical assessment process
  • a clear understanding of the problem
  • a safe, easy and effective treatment plan that puts the patient in control
  • Improved patient compliance by empowering the patients

Clinician Video Testimonial

View one of our McKenzie Clinicians explain the method and how it is used in his practice.

Yoav Suprun

Certified McKenzie Clinician

PT, Dip. MDT