Online Courses

Thanks to the generosity of the MIUSA branch, the McKenzie Institute Southern Africa offers the following online course:

Case Manager

The McKenzie Case Manager was created to provide Web-based instruction through a series of courses that incorporate real-life patient case studies. Designed for the advanced McKenzie MDT clinician, this course teaches complex clinical practice scenarios with a collection of cases that will add to your patient experience base and help you focus on the power of utilizing the information gathered on The McKenzie Institute Assessment forms.

The course currently consists of 3 Volumes, each volume has eight (8) individual cases – using an interactive McKenzie Assessment form. These cases were taken from actual patients seen by senior instructors of The McKenzie Institute.

To thoroughly study and work through each of the eight cases, expect an average of 12 total contact hours. Your registration will remain active for 90 days.

The administrative office will send you a certificate for CEUs within two weeks of successful completion of the eight cases and submission of the final course evaluation.

When you have been supplied with a log in for the Case Manager, you can Log In HERE